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Day 237

Sorry i missed yesterday, I've been really sick for the past day or two.

Annie had always been fascinated by the little antique shop on the corner. Everyday on her way home from school, she would stop at the quaint window, admiring the trinkets displayed for all to see. She had never felt bothered to go inside, but one day, her interest peaked and she pulled the door open. The shop was dimly lit and curated with all sorts of strange objects. Annie examined old maps, antique jewelry, and dusty books laid on oak bookshelves. She stopped at a display case filled with old coins and carefully picked up a silver coin that would not leave her gaze. When she turned the coin around, a little image was etched on it, just visible enough if she squinted. When she realized what she saw, she jumped back and dropped the coin. She wondered why a picture of her face be on the mysterious coin.

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