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Day 23

Today I had an eventful day. I started my day with some homework. Well actually, lots of homework, a full essay to be exact. I made sure to make myself a good breakfast before I got to writing and I ended up writing nearly the entire thing. Although it took me over an hour, I was proud of my dedication. I then got ready to start at my new job. I drove over to the Children's Theatre and helped set up for the show, sold some tickets, and helped people to their seats. The show being performed was "The Diary of Anne Frank" and although I didn't get to watch the show, seeing the audience's reaction leaving the theatre was both parts touching and heartbreaking. I hope I get a chance to actually see the show sometime soon. Then I stopped at Starbucks for some much-needed caffeine. Then, I headed home to work on some more schoolwork and I also played with my dog, Theo. After about two hours, I had to get ready to go to dinner with a friend from school. We had lots of fun and talked all about school and being new to Nashville. I had a great day today and it was a great way to start my week.

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