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Day 225

Prompt: What if the sun began to die?

It was the thick of summer, lost in a sunlit haze. People were out enjoying their days, soaking up the warmth of the sun, but something strange began to occur. The sky started to turn darker and the air grew thinner and colder. People thought it was just a sudden rainstorm approaching, yet as time passed, they realized that something far worse was happening. The sun was beginning to perish. Panic spread like wildfire among humankind. Fear gripped their hearts as they tried to understand what was happening. Scientists rushed to find a solution, but there seemed to be no answer in sight. The world fell into chaos as everyone tried to come to terms with the impending disaster heading towards them. Somehow, in the last few moments before Earth descended into darkness, there was something beautiful about the view. They watched the sun set for the final time, reaching its final destination, never to be seen again.

Prompt from Screencraft

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