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Day 224

Prompt: Your whole family has fought in the space military, but you’ve decided to no longer take part in it.

I come from a family of space military heroes. My grandparents, parents, and siblings have all served in the army that guards our universe. However, I've decided to break away from the long line of space military service in my family. I remember being fascinated by my family's stories about their time in the cosmos. Listening to them describe their battles with alien races made me want to join the military too. However, as I grew older, I began to see things differently. The more I learned about war and its consequences, the less eager I became to participate. Instead, I'm pursuing other interests, specifically things that don't involve fighting or risking my life for an unneeded war. This wasn't an easy decision, knowing that everyone before me had fought for something greater than themselves, but I believe that I must carve my own path towards something other than intergalactic violence.

Prompt from Written Word Media

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