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Day 214

Prompt: A daughter tries to set her widowed father up on an online dating app – without him knowing.

Lila had noticed that her dad seemed lonely since the passing of her mother years before. He spent most nights watching comedies and essentially had no friends left. Lila knew he needed companionship, but he was too stubborn to put himself out there. Lila decided to take matters into her own hands and make him a dating profile. She carefully chose his best photos and crafted a charming bio about his love of hiking, cooking, and of course his amazing daughter. A few days after setting up his account, he received a notification from the dating app. At first, he was confused and thought it was spam. However, upon closer inspection, he realized what had happened. out of curiosity, he wanted to see who he had matched with. To his shock he immediately recognized her: his high school sweetheart.

Prompt from Written Word Media

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