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Day 201

Prompt: In the future, romantic attraction is literal: each person is fitted with an electromagnetic bracelet which, they claim, will pull you to your soulmate. It’s the day they turn the magnets on, and you’re waiting.

It was the day that everyone had been waiting for, the day when all of their bracelets were switched on. Everyone in the world had a bracelet, fitted with an electromagnetic device which ensured to guide them to their heart's true soulmate. Everyone felt a strange mix of excitement and nervousness as they awaited their magnets being activated. As the minutes passed, tension rose in the air until finally, it happened. A loud clunk echoed throughout the globe and every single person could feel their magnetic souls being pulled towards one another. For some, finding love came in an instant, they were drawn to their partner immediately. However for me, that moment did not so quickly. After hours of watching others' joyous reactions and feeling nothing but emptiness, an attendant came up to me. "I'm sorry ma'am, but it seems as if you don't have a soulmate at all," she said regretfully.

Prompt from Reedsy

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