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Day 200

Happy Day 200!!!

Prompt: Local gravestones begin disappearing.

Local gravestones begin disappearing In the small town off the coast, people were shocked to discover that many of their ancestors' gravestones had gone missing. It was as if they had simply vanished into thin air, with no one to account for where they went. Some suspected it might be a prankster or some bored, pesky high schoolers, while others worried it was something more sinister. Either way, it was unsettling to imagine a situation of someone taking away these precious memorials. Days turned into weeks with still no answers or progress in the case. It wasn't until a retired neighbor came forward with some information that things finally began to make sense. Turns out, he'd seen the graveyard in disarray and couldn't stand to see it so unkempt. He decided to take it upon himself to clean the stones and return them to their original positions as a way of giving back to the town. Some folks still found it unsettling, but eventually realized he had good intentions.

Prompt from Written Word Media.

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