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Day 2

Here's a continuation of my story from yesterday...

My mom sat casually on a foldout chair across from me, sinking into the white plastic until it couldn’t give anymore. The sound of people chatting filled my ears, yet I couldn’t make out what anyone was saying. The balloons caught my attention again. The sounds of squeaks filled the air as a toddler hit them with a blunt force, belly laughing with each unexpected noise. I tried my best to enjoy the application of smooth paint on my fair cheeks, yet the overwhelming fear of a balloon popping had a firm hold on my attention. I held my breath, waiting for an explosive noise to reduce me to tears as it always had before. Sensing my discomfort, the entertainer, dressed as some sort of Disney princess, asked me if I wanted her to continue painting. I slowly nodded, determined to not let my fright ruin a good moment. My teeth chattered with panic anytime I saw a partygoer get even remotely close to the colorful arrangement. The face painting was finished with a final stroke and I was asked to move for the impatient child behind me.

I'll post the last part tomorrow.

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