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Day 197

Sorry I missed yesterday! I got home past midnight last night so I didn't get the chance to write.

Prompt: Your best friend tells you that she feels like someone’s been watching her. The next day she goes missing.

I felt a chill down my spine when my best friend told me that she was afraid that someone had been spying on her. I wanted to assume it was nothing, but the look on her face made it oh so clear that she wasn't kidding. We decided to be extra careful and stay together whenever we could until we could figure out who was doing this. The next day I woke up to find that she was not sleeping in the bed across the room. My heart sank when I remembered our conversation the night before. Had somebody followed her back to the house? Was this why she was so scared of being watched? Before I started to panic, I looked around for clues. All of a sudden, I felt something under my shoe. A white bandana with the word "HELP" written on it in big, bold letters.

Prompt from Written Word Media

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