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Day 187

Prompt: You find a hand-written note on your windshield that says, “Drive west for 100 miles.”

I was heading back from school when I found a hand-written note tucked underneath my windshield wiper. It said in simple handwriting, "Drive west for 100 miles." I didn't believe it for a second, but out of pure curiosity, I decided to test it out and see what happens. I got in my car, put it into drive, and rode off towards the unknown. The trip seemed to go on forever; every mile feeling like an eternity as I wondered if this was a waste of my time. I spent what seemed like days on the highway until I reached my destination. I found myself right back at the spot I found the note, an unassuming parking lot. How was that possible if I had driven west for miles and miles? It suddenly dawned on me that I didn't quite drive somewhere, but rather some time.

Prompt from Reedsy.

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