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Day 174

Sorry I missed yesterday! I have been super busy with tons of homework and tests, so I totally forgot!

Prompt: Three words: Long lost brother.

School has been tedious fo months now, day in and day out with no sense of excitement in any day. The air was starting to chill and the leaves became crisper, yet everything remained the same. I walk to my third period class as if it is any normal day. I turn the corner and walk in the door, lost in my own mind. I start walking as I lock eyes with the teacher. His eyes are a piercing blue with a speck of brown in them. I faintly recognize those eyes, but I sit at my seat in the back of the room. He begins talking about some sort of 19th century history, but I'm not paying attention. All I can look at are his eyes, then it hits me. Those eyes belong to my mother. They're a rare genetic anomaly, pretty much exclusive to her immediate family. I discreetly get out my phone and text her immediately. She responds back in seconds with only four words...

"We need to talk".

Prompt from Written Word Media

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