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Day 167

Sorry I missed yesterday! I was on a red eye flight so I didn't have the chance to write.

Prompt: A magical world exists underground. To get there, you’ll need to start digging.

Jake had sometimes felt like there was a piece missing from his life, and he was convinced that this underground kingdom was the answer. So, with a pickaxe in hand, he went out to dig. For years, Max dug and dug, and just when he thought he was doing it all for nothing, he finally found the entrance. Standing before him was an enormous green dragon, its scales twinkling in the dim light. "Who are you, and why have you come here?" the dragon questioned, its voice strong and menacing. Jake told the dragon of his quest and his desire to see the wonders the magical world had to offer. The dragon listened and, to Jake's surprise, it chuckled.

Prompt from Written Word Media

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