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Day 164

“You’re with the Milford Chronicles, right? We had another of your journalists come in last week. But if I may ask, why that case? It’s pretty random if you ask me. It’s not even within town borders, we just had to take it since their town didn’t have a coroner's office, or even a police station for that matter.”

She brought up a valuable point. It was a random case, an unexplained house fire with three fatalities outside of town, no leads. No proper journalist would ever want to look into that case, even someone with a small newspaper like the Milford Chronicles.

“I grew up around those parts, so it hit home.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that, did you know the family?”

“No, but I knew people who did. They just want some answers, you know?”

I gave her my best puppy-eyed look I could conjure up, hoping to tug at her heart strings.

“Well, I suppose I could take you back and show you what we’ve found so far,” she replied, “Just don’t tell anyone.”

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