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Day 160

Sorry I missed yesterday! I was feeling under the weather so it slipped my mind.

Prompt: Guard this with your life.

It had been days since I'd seen another person. I was starting to run out of water and I could feel the eye bags weighing my face down. It was so hot in the desert that in my delusion it almost felt cold at times. Regardless, with no civilization in sight, I could finally relax a bit. Men in gray suits had been tracking me down for weeks until I decided to make a run for it. If they saw it with their own eyes, it's make them want it even more. My best option was to go where it was deserted and regroup from there. At least I had time to clear my head. I checked every few minutes to make sure it was still in my satchel. I wrapped my fingers around it and pulled it out for my eyes to see. A tiny, crumpled piece of paper, the same size as a gum wrapper. I flattened it out to reveal the only four words I had been reading for days on end, "There is no beyond".

Prompt from Reedsy.

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