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Day 157

Prompt: The first day you opened your own office as a private investigator, you didn’t expect it to be busy. You were wrong.

I took the liberty of taking a bike ride to the coroner's office to see if I could somehow coerce someone into letting me peek at their bodies or at least see their death certificates. I arrived at the office promptly after my morning coffee and muffin. The coroners office was just as inviting as you’d expect any coroners office to be. I was led in by a cloudy-eyed middle aged woman and sat down on one of the musty lounge chairs in the waiting area. "All I need to know is the cause of death and I'll be out of here quick", I thought to myself. The coroner walked out in a dazed frenzy before taking me by the arm into an adjacent room. "We aren't exactly sure," he said in a mumble, "but we think it may be related to a recent alien sighting."

Prompt from Reedsy

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