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Day 153

Prompt: Ever since childhood, a dark figure no one else can see has been following you around, whispering in your ear. Today you see it lying a few feet away, screaming and asking you to run.

I had grown up with “Trig,” a dark figure I could only see. He was like my own shadow, going with me wherever I went. No one else had ever saw him, not even my parents, but he always seemed to be with me. I could hear his voice in my head, whispering words of assurance that only I could hear. But one day, while out walking in the forest near my house, I saw something that startled me. Trig was lying a couple of feet away from me, yelling and begging me to run. Even though the feeling of fear was overwhelming, I made myself take a step closer and finally realized what it was.

It was not Trig, but rather a monster that looked like him in every way - and it wasn't just asking me to run; it was telling me to go back home and prepare for something much worse than himself.

Prompt from Reedsy

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