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Day 151

Prompt challenge!

A widowed person goes to a community garden.

Ivy grew over the iron gate of the community garden. Mary's hand gently touched the plant as she opened the gate and took a seat on her favorite bench. She hadn't been to the garden in nine years. She could recall a time when she'd go daily, walking through the rows and rows of roses of all different hues. She'd keep an eye out for a handsome man in a tan wide rim hat, but without making it too obvious. One day the gardener walked behind her, put out his hand, and said, "I'm Hal". What had taken Mary months to work up the courage to do, Hal made the decision right then and just went for it. Mary would eventually bring their daughter to visit her dad at work, her little blonde ponytail barely visible amongst the tall roses. Years passed and their daughter grew up, but their years together were numbered like the petals on the flowers. Hal eventually passed away, leaving Mary alone for the first time in half a century. So now she returns, always keeping her eye out for the man in the tan wide rim hat.

Inspired by a prompt by Written Word Media (

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