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Day 149

I am going to start a new prompt challenge! A few days a week, I'm going to write based on a prompt in order to expand my horizons.

You own a tiny mom and pops-type store that you run with your family.

It's 4am, the room is dim with only a single lamp to light it. I open my eyes just barely enough to see that there's already a line outside the door. I trudge my way in the direction of the lamp and hit the switch next to it. The room illuminates in a split second, revealing the rows and rows of glass casings filled with pastries. Some of the pastries are vibrant and ginormous, and some are gray and minuscule, barely visible to the human eye. I watch my brother and sister walk in behind me with more treats piled on baking sheets. They have huge eye bags and walk around like zombies, everyone hates the 4am shift. I make my way to the door, seeing the ravenous eyes of those waiting for their turn to come inside. As I push it open, the flood gates open into the bakery and start circling us like vultures. I let out an unenthusiastic sigh and make my way towards the cash register. A woman approaches the counter with a crisp five dollar bill in hand, "You're always so busy! You have to tell me what your special ingredient is!" she exclaims. "It's our customers," I respond. She laughs to herself and hands me the money. I don't think she understood what I meant.

Prompt is from Written Word Media (

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