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Day 148

Sorry I missed yesterday! I wasn't feeling 100% and I ended up falling asleep before I could write.

I have decided to try on focusing on a new discovery daily. There is so much left of the world fo me to discover, yet I barely ever seem to acknowledge it. I find myself falling into patterns, whether it be returning to the same restaurants over and over again or going on the same outings with mom every weekend. Not that I'd necessarily consider routine bad, but more that I need to expand my horizons past by comfort zone. I am hoping to get my drivers license in two days, which will open up a whole new world of opportunity. I am excited to get my drivers license, but part of me feels like it might be the last piece of the puzzle until I am entirely independent from my family. I am looking forward to going out and having new experiences, and hopefully with that I will grow a new, informative perspective.

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