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Day 14

Soo... I, unfortunately, missed a day. In return, I'll make today's entry extra good. This is a review from my personal favorite show Looking For Alaska.

I found out about Looking For Alaska by scrolling through Hulu looking for something to watch. I wanted to watch it because I had heard good things about it and had seen a trailer for it. Three adjectives I’d use to describe it would be heartfelt, sad, memorable, witty, and adolescent. This show is one of the more accurate depictions of teenagers I’ve seen, which sets it apart from other shows. I started watching this show in June of this year and I finished it within the week. I re-watch it every so often but not all the time. I watch it by myself and sometimes I’ll talk to my friends about it. My favorite episodes would be the second and third episodes because they haven’t really gotten that sad yet but by then we’re acclimated to the setting and some of the big parts of the plot start happening. My favorite character in this show is Alaska because while she makes some mistakes over the course of the show, she is always supportive of her friends and she’s also very three-dimensional. The central relationship that I enjoy following is Pudge and Alaska. I spent the whole show anticipating their relationship, and while it was very short-lived, it was really satisfying to see them finally get together. If I stopped watching this show, I would feel like I’d be missing the atmosphere the show has and I’d miss the relationships between all the characters. One thing I would change about it to make it even better is making it a couple of episodes longer so they could delve into Alaska’s death more and its effects on the others.

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