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Day 138

Now the radiator makes a humming noise and it hasn’t been taken to the shop since 2015, but back in the day, it did its job. As they rolled up to the hotel in the car, the dashboard made a chilling shriek, putting the car to a halt.

“Gosh!” his mother screamed, “We’re going to have to call someone.”

Looking out into the vast wasteland they were in, he knew we wouldn’t have any luck finding a call box or even a house to step into. His mother also came to this same conclusion quite fast. She picked up her long, floral dress from the bottom and said calmly, “We’re walking.”

“We’re walking? It’s at least five miles from here!” He cried.

“Well son, it doesn’t look like we have much of a choice,” she said and started walking along the side of the road.

“You coming?” she asked as she turned around, looking back at him.

He gently nodded his head and bent down to re-tie his shoelaces. This was going to be a long walk.

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