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Day 118

Sorry I've been super sick over the past few days so I haven't written.

Speaking of being sick, how I deal with being sick has completely changed since the pandemic started. My brother, sister, and I have been horribly sick over the past week with a combination of a cold and the flu. We have been absolutely miserable and we have been basically bedridden since we came down with it. It is basically impossible for us to get up and do anything. Unfortunately, we are not the only people affected by the wave of sickness, countless of my friends have told me how ill they have been over the past few weeks. Ever since the Covid pandemic, I have been especially cautious when it comes to exposing myself or exposing others to illness. It often becomes a debilitating feeling when I am unable to go to huge gatherings without worrying about getting sick. I wonder if we will ever be able to deal with being sick the same as before Covid started.

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