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Lily Gladstone and Joy Da’Vine Randolph are expected to win their respective categories for their performances in Killers of the Flower Moon and The Holdovers. Both women, who have never been nominated before, gave particularly emotionally poignant performances in their respective films. Gladstone has already won a SAG Award and Randolph won a BAFTA, which are both considered “pre-requisites” to the Oscars. However, Randolph was the only one of the two to make it out with an Oscar under her belt. The second most expected actress, Emma Stone, received the Academy Award for best leading actress.

Rewrite of an article I wrote about two poems by Wordsworth and Muir about their experiences in nature...

 Muir and Wordsworth’s unique approaches to writing about nature results in very effective pieces of work. They both reflect on how their emotions influence their surroundings and vice versa, which is something that can reflect in your own life. Muir takes a more literal approach while Worsworth often takes a more figurative approach to writing. I really enjoyed both of their writings. I think while these two works are different, their intentions are similar and result in a gorgeous story that anyone can relate to about passion.

Wherever I go, my trusty laptop is with me. Whether I’m at school or at home, my laptop is right by my side. Being a senior in high school and taking a myriad of AP and Honors courses, I am often overrun with homework. I have become accustomed to submitting assignments, creating online study guides, and communicating with my teachers via technology. An underrated skill that students are learning from schools these days is how to properly use technology. I am arguably more savvy when it comes to tech than my parents, just because I am so used to using it to further my education.

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